This is a listing of scripts that integrate with gClassFolders via a web application called gClassHub.  Once authorized gClassHub runs as you, using your secure Google identity, so it is able to launch applications that pull data from your class lists from within gClassFolders.  

  • AutoCrat ~ Autocrat will enable you to create a document merge using student data.
  • DoctopusLaunch a spreadsheet with your class roster to create differentiated starter templates for your students, pre-oprganized and shared to their gClass dropboxes.  Great for both jigsawed group projects and individual assignments.
  • formMule ~ coming soon...
Important note: No student or user data is ever stored or collected by gClassHub.


1. Authorization required

gClassHub required authorization to your docs.  This is needed so that it can pull the data from gClassFolders.  Because it is a webapp you might also get an additional email stating how you can remove rights if you so choose.

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