• Search the template gallery for "gClassFolders" or click the link under Get Started on the right and create a new document or add using the Script Gallery from within a Google Sheet
  • Once installed you will see a new menu labeled "gClassFolders"

Fill in data

  • Enter the information pertaining to the classes.

Authorize the Script

  • For a script to run you need to authorize it.  To do this run the Initial Settings option.
  • This will make a red warning popup, click OK

Initial Settings

  • After you authorize the script re-run the Initial Settings menu option.
  • Choose wisely as you cannot change these settings afterward
  • Set the language ~ This uses Google Translate so actual translation is our of our hands.
  • Take the default folder names or rename them appropreatly
  • Choose whether you are running this as a teacher or for a school wide deployment
    • Note: The folder structure is different for the end user between the two modes.
  • Save

Create Folders

  • The "gClassFolders" menu will change to reflect your current options
  • Click "Create new folders and shares"
  • A status column will be filled in as the folders are created
    • If anything should happen during the process, just re-run "Create new folders and shares" and the script will pic up where it left off
  • When completed check your Google Drive and you should see your classes

Bulk Operations


Student Instructions

  1. Students should go to their "Drive" 
  2. Create a Folder for their class 
  3. Click "Shared With Me" 
  4. Drag the Class Edit, Class View, and their class dropbox to the folder they just created in Drive